Thursday, June 19, 2008


Montana update

Despite the fenced in yard, our lovely dogs always add excitement to my day. I just got back from picking them up from a completely different neighborhood where they were taking a swim in a very nice man's pool. They had dug under the fence to get out of our yard.

I've been in Montana for a month now, we've picked a church that we really like, it is a very young church in two ways: it was just planted about a year ago, and about 70% of the people are younger than us, including the pastor. We actually feel old.
I like my job, the people are great to work with, and when clients call after hours, they start out by saying "I'm sorry to bother you". That never happened before:)
I am liking my schedule of working two days a week, and Owen absolutely LOVES his daycare. I believe he inherited his father's social addiction.

Anyway....Owen is learning some new tricks, sitting for extended periods of time, and eating some food, though he is not very excited about the food.