Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On to Montana

Well, we are all finally here in Montana, I have lots of pictures and video of the trip, but until I figure out how to post video, you'll have to just enjoy the pictures.

Nick, and the expert packing crew, actually fit all of our worldly possessions into a 27 foot u-haul, and the caravan pulled out.
Eastern Nevada, and Idaho were pretty much barren land, not too exciting, but once we were in Montana, it was beautiful.

Owen was great for the trip, but once we arrived here, my good sleeper went somewhere else. It's very hot and humid here, much to our suprise, Owen has been going pantless and shoeless, true hillbilly.

Our rental house is actually quite functional. In beautiful 1970's decor, it has a large kitchen, and a large basement for storage. The dog's think the yard is palatial and have only escaped once for a jaunt down to the dairy queen.

Downtown Whitefish is in walking distance along with the city beach and the library.

Packing up and heading out...

saying goodbye to Tahoe

Everything we own in one big truck

Somewhere in Idaho

Does life exist outside this chair??????

Rome was the only stop in the middle of nowhere

Mica envisioning herself as a long haul trucker

Into Montana

Along the flathead lake

Our new abode in Whitefish Montana

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masons said...

It's kind of sad to see you guys say goodbye to Tahoe. New Journey!