Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh, the doggies

This blog is a tribute to our precious pookies. We almost lost one this weekend, and it made me think how much I am glad to have them (even though our relationship is strained at times:).
Mica and Cerah were wrestling like they always do, and Nick and I were sitting about five feet away. We noticed that the wrestling seemed to get more aggressive, like they were seriously attacking eachother. They have done this before, so we told them to knock it off. Then we heard Mica gasping for each breath like she was breathing through a straw.
The ten seconds it took us to get her collar unclipped seemed like forever. Cerah's tooth had snagged the cloth on Mica's collar and the more they struggled to free it the tighter it choked on Mica.
Once we got the collar unclipped, Mica's gums were ghost white and shocky. It took a good ten minutes for her color to come back.
I had heard of this happening, and dogs even dying from it, but thought "what are the chances?"
Well, our dogs won't be wearing their collars anymore unless we are out. They wrestle all the time, and often not within our sight, if we hadn't been sitting there, it could have been bad.
So note to self and anyone else who has dogs that like to wrestle. Use the clipping collars, and not the ones like belt buckles. We would have never gotten that kind of collar off in time.....
So I decided to go through all my pictures and pick out my favorite doggy pictures (with some appearances by Asher, Nick and Owen), since Owen gets all the attention on this blog, I guess I need to make up for it.


JoAnna said...

LOVE the pictures!

masons said...

awh, I miss those little rascals...
chasing them around your neighborhood to find them begging for food from the neighbors.

glad they are both safe.